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  • My Tennis Trainer
  • My Tennis Trainer
  • My Tennis Trainer
  • My Tennis Trainer
  • My Tennis Trainer

My Tennis Trainer

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Professional Tennis Training Set

Do you know? This simple mechanism is the secret of the success of many pro tennis players. This training set helps in developing effective skills like pro tennis players and speed up the learning curve up to 5 times. It is very portable and can be used ANYWHERE with good enough space availability. Easy to carry EVERYWHERE with you. 

The tennis training set is a great device to practice your strokes, develop a faster swing speed, or simply warm up. And if you want to just play alone it can be your friend in that time for sure.

Easy & Simple 3-Step Setup

  • Fill the base with water or sand to increase weight and to hold the unit in place. The non-skid pads underneath also helps keep the system stable.
  • Unwrap the cord.
  • Now you're all set to play!
  • Hit the ball as hard as you want, and watch the ball bounce back to you. 

EASY TO USE: Just fill the base with water and it automatically will become heavy enough to hold itself in its place. There are "Non-skid pads" under it which keep it in one place. It simulates a real experience so all you do is unwrap the cord and hit the ball as hard as you want and the and the ball will bounce back to you.

FLEXIBLE CORD: The cord is 15 feet but can stretch 30 feet for hard hit balls. If you would like to shorten the rebound, wrap the cord around the base of the unity to the length you want.

PERFECT TRAINING TOOL: This is one of the best devices to get help sharpen you tennis skills at any time of the day. You can warm up with it, practice your strokes, and work on your swing speed

CAN USE IN MANY ENVIRONMENTS: These can be used almost anywhere including garages, basements, driveways, backyards, or bring it to the court with you.



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